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Samui Thai

Samui Thai Restaurant in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Experience Fine Thai Dining in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Just Next Door to Los Altos Resort

Manuel Antonio is now home to Costa Rica’s most authentic, flavorful Thai restaurant! When Angie Ma first visited in 2017, she was immediately transported back to Samui Island in her native Thailand. With warm, humid evenings on the beach overlooking incredible sunsets and the sound of tropical birds and monkeys in the jungle, the only thing missing was authentic, tradition-inspired Thai cuisine to make her feel completely at home.

A Truly Memorable, Not to Mention Filling, Experience

After decades of preparing true Thai dishes in some of New York City’s best Thai kitchens, Angie and her family have brought the bold flavors of her culture to the sunset-view hills of Manuel Antonio. Any ingredients she couldn’t find in Costa Rica, she decided to grow locally. 100% authentic. 100% delicious. 100% with love, from Thailand.

Samui Thai Restaurant is open on the following schedule:

High season: Tuesday to Sunday, 12:30pm to 10pm.

Low season: Tuesday to Sunday, only for dinner hours.