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Manuel Antonio National Park Information

Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most beautiful spots in Costa Rica, and we highly suggest that you visit it during your trip to this seaside country. With that being said, any trip takes some planning, and you need to find out some Manuel Antonio National Park information beforehand.

Manuel Antonio National Park

On this post, we’ve gathered all the crucial info that you should know about this Costa Rica’s gem national park!

What can you do in Manuel Antonio National Park?

A variety of things! Among the activities listed on the National Park’s website are:

  • Guided park tours.
  • Catamaran tours.
  • Damas Island kayak tours.
  • Waterfall horseback riding.
  • Jungle night tours.
  • 4×4 safari truck tours.
  • El Santuario canopy tour.
  • Orquídea Spa.
  • Tennis.

There are many other tours and activities you could engage in Manuel Antonio National Park. Info on pricing and availability can be found on the park’s website.

Keep in mind that only the guided park tours take place inside the park. Other tours take place in the surrounding areas. This isn’t a bad thing, but you should be aware of it.

How much does it cost to go to Manuel Antonio National Park?

This depends on the kind of activity you want to engage in or tour you want to participate in. For example, here’s the pricing for the following activities as of August 2019:

Guided park tours:

  • Kids aged 0-3 are free of charge.
  • Kids aged 4-11 are $35 per person.
  • Individuals aged 12 and older are $51 per person.
  • Private tours cost an additional $20 per person (doesn’t apply to kids aged 0-3).

Catamaran tours:

  • Kids aged 0-5 are free of charge.
  • Kids aged 6-10 are $60 per person.
  • Individuals aged 11 and older are $80 per person.

Damas Island kayak tours:

  • Kids aged 6-10 are $55 per person.
  • Individuals aged 11 and older are $65 per person.

Caño Island Snorkeling:

  • Kids aged 6-10 are $85 per person.
  • Individuals aged 11 and older are $145 per person.

El Santuario canopy tour:

  • $85 per person.

Orquidea Spa:

  • From $50 per person.


  • $69 per person.

ATV tours:

  • $105 per person.

Pricing varies widely from activity to activity. Not only that, but each activity may have its own pricing regarding children. There may be some optional services available for an additional fee, like private park tours for $20.

There also is an admission fee of $16 per person for individuals aged 12 and older. Children aged under 12 are free of charge. The entrance fee may be included in the pricing of some tours.

When booking a tour, make sure to carefully read its description so that you know what to expect and what you are getting for the money.

What animals are in Manuel Antonio National Park?

Manuel Antonio National Park is the smallest national park in Costa Rica, but its biodiversity is unrivaled – over 100 species of mammals and nearly 200 species of birds have found a home in the park.

Among the animals that you could come across in Manuel Antonio National Park are:

  • Hoffmann’s two-toed sloths.
  • Brown-throated sloths.
  • Three of Costa Rica’s four monkey species – the Central American squirrel monkey, the mantled howler monkey, and the Panamanian white-faced capuchin monkey.
  • Iguana species like the black spiny-tailed iguana and green iguana.
  • Many snake and bat species.
  • Toucans.
  • Woodpeckers.
  • Parakeets.
  • Hawks.
  • Dolphins.
  • Migrating whales (depending on the season).

Is Manuel Antonio closed on Mondays?

Yes, unlike many other tourist attractions in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio National Park is closed on Mondays year-round. Otherwise, the park is open from 7 AM to 4 PM from Tuesday to Sunday, even on holidays like Christmas or Easter.

If you want to get into the National Park, make sure to plan your journey so that you are in the area of Manuel Antonio on any day other than Monday.

How do you get to Manuel Antonio?

This depends on where you are in Costa Rica.

If you are in Quepos, then you could reach the National Park by cab for $5-$10 each way.

Aside from that, a public bus is leaving Quepos for Manuel Antonio every 20 minutes or so. The cost is $0.60 each way. With that being said, if traveling by bus, you will need to ask the bus driver to leave you at the corner of Restaurante Marlín. From there, following the signs, you can reach the National Park in about 10 minutes.

It should be noted that guided tours in Manuel Antonio National Park include transportation from Quepos and Manuel Antonio residences and hotels. Guided tours also include parking, so you won’t have to pay for it if arriving by your own vehicle.

Some other tours in the National Park may also include transportation and parking.

Getting to Manuel Antonio from areas other than Quepos is also easy enough.

From San Jose, you could reach Manuel Antonio by public bus at a cost of $8.5. You may also opt for private transportation for $280 (usually round-trip). Getting from San Jose to Manuel Antonio typically takes 2.5-3 hours by car or bus.

Not only that, regular air service is available from San Hose to the area of Manuel Antonio. Flights take about 20 minutes.

Public bus services are also available from Dominical or Uvita and Jaco. Private bus services are available as well for $180 and $210 respectively.

You may also get to the park in a rented vehicle, which may or may not be the best option depending on where you are and how comfortable you are with driving in an unfamiliar area.

How big is Manuel Antonio National Park?

Manuel Antonio National Park has an area of 1950 hectares of land (around 7.5 square miles). The marine environs of the park have an area of 55,000 hectares, which is around 212 square miles.

Is Manuel Antonio a rainforest?

Yes, Manuel Antonio is a rainforest. In fact, it is one of the few of Costa Rica’s rainforests. Most other forests in the country are cloud forests which have a cooler climate.

With that being said, make sure to bring plenty of water, bug spray, and sunscreen to your Manuel Antonio tour – it can get very hot and humid here.

For more information about Manuel Antonio National Park feel free to contact us here.

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