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Secluded Beach

For your maximum enjoyment

About Our Secluded Beach in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

The secluded beach at Los Altos is a true expression of what makes Manuel Antonio such a unique destination. Hidden away among the most perfect rainforest setting, our all-natural Costa Rican beach gives you an unforgettable experience. Far removed from the chaos of everyday life, you’ll instantly fall in love with the graceful curve of the cove, the gorgeous cliffs lush with vibrant green trees, and, most of all, the sublime ocean expanse.

Our secluded beach is the aspect of Los Altos that most closely connects you to why you’re in Manuel Antonio to begin with — to experience one of the world’s most spectacular tropical beachscapes. Fortunately for our guests, nothing’s simpler than taking our beach shuttle down to our beach and spending a glorious morning or afternoon amidst such tropical pleasure.

Following a vibrant descent through our tropical preserve, you’ll arrive on our hidden beach and immediately begin to experience Manuel Antonio at its most natural. From the look to the sight to the sound, this beach guarantees peace and tranquility. In an instant you’ll realize exactly why you chose to stay at Los Altos.

Since we understand that the beaches are exactly what makes this part of Costa Rica so unbelievable, we built our resort as to have as little impact on the beach and its surroundings as possible. In this case, less is more. We wanted to give our guests the opportunity to experience coastal Manuel Antonio in the most authentic way possible.

The beach at Los Altos offers the ideal natural refuge, the perfect Costa Rican escape from the daily grind. Because let’s be real, why else are you in Manuel Antonio. Our resort, with its emphasis on luxury, but never at the expense of access and authenticity, means guests get to experience a beach on the beach’s terms.

Pure Expression of Natural Beauty

Our secluded beach is not only a pure expression of natural beauty, but a profound connection to Manuel Antonio’s past. At low tide you can see stone turtle traps constructed by the Quepoan Indians hundreds of years ago. These long standing archeological treasures offer guests a rare glimpse into Costa Rica’s past. At Los Altos we believe that a strong connection to the country’s past provides a stronger connection to the country’s present, meaning you get to experience Costa Rica with greater depth and enjoyment.

Los Altos is the kind of family resort that knows what it takes to accommodate all members of the family. Our beach shuttle makes transportation to and from the beach an effortless journey through a timeless tropical landscape. Along the way you’ll experience breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding coast, the green of the vegetation and the blue of the ocean and sky occurring in perfect harmony.

We understand that just as much as you’d like to explore our secluded beach, you’ll want to take it easy. In order to provide for maximum relaxation for parents and children alike, we provide lounge chairs, towels, drinks and snacks. We’re with you all the way down and then back up again.

Our picture perfect beach will leave you inspired. We couldn’t be happier knowing that guests are compelled to explore every nook and cranny of our beach. Out of exploration comes discovery, and through discovery passion is born. Part of the Los Altos mission is provide guests with the opportunity to become passionate about nature. Like no other aspect of the Los Altos experience, the beach is a gateway to Manuel Antonio and the Costa Rican beyond.

The beach at Los Altos is more than just a secluded beach, it’s an ecosystem made up of an exquisite array of plant and animal life that live on land and in the water. We chose to situate our family friendly luxury hotel in this particular part of Manuel Antonio because, based on what we explored of the area, we recognized how powerful the presence of tropical nature was here, especially so near the beach.

When you’re hanging out at the secluded beach at Los Altos there’s nothing more you can ask for. The peace and tranquility of nature abounds. But if there is something more, our excellent staff is, of course, on hand to serve your every need. Snacks, drinks, lounge chairs, towels, and boogie boards are readily available for guests. We can’t wait for you visit us at Los Altos and experience the awesome power of our tropical preserve.