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Kosher Restaurant

Kosher Restaurant in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Experience Fine Kosher Dining in Costa Rica on Your Los Altos Resort Vacation

Do you want to plan an exciting Costa Rican vacation, with trips to the cloud forest and jungle, Caribbean coast, Pacific coast, volcanoes, national parks? Are you eager to go hiking, zip lining, kayaking, horseback riding on the beach, take a sunset cruise and more? But do you have concerns about what you’ll eat because you want to have only kosher food? If you want to enjoy all Costa Rica has to offer and still be able to return to your hotel at the end of the day and have a delicious kosher meal waiting for you, be sure to include Los Altos Resort in Manuel Antonio in your Pacific Coast beach vacation plans and worry no more.

Your Kosher Lunches or Dinners are Served Family Style

Los Altos Resort is proud to now offer delicious kosher food right in the hotel. Travelers who require kosher meals will be delighted with the enticing menu curated and exquisitely prepared by our experienced chef in the kosher kitchen located at our onsite restaurant, Karolas. Choose from Costa Rican and Latin American delicacies, along with Middle Eastern and traditional dishes — all created to enhance your Costa Rican kosher vacation. Be tempted by appetizers and starters like hummus, baba ganoush, guacamole, crema de ayote soup or Peruvian ceviche. Move on to scrumptious main dishes including chicken brochettes, beef fajitas, meatballs with mushroom sauce, BBQ chicken wings or Moroccan fish with Israeli salad, coconut jasmine rice or seasonal fresh vegetables sauteed with garlic on the side. Are you a vegetarian? Be tempted by quinoa-stuffed eggplant and zucchini, a veggie burger or a falafel ball salad. And don’t even think of skipping desserts like delicious tropical coconut flan, chocolate lava cake or candied pears made with kosher wine. Natural fruit juice freshly made with seasonal fruits is included on your dinner menu.

Your kosher lunches or dinners are served family style, based on your choices from the delectable menu. Enjoy them either in the beautiful setting at Karolas or make room service arrangements to have your scrumptious kosher meals delivered to the dining room in your spacious apartment. Prior reservations are required to ensure that whatever you desire is available and delivered to Los Altos Resort from kosher shops in San Jose in time for your stay. You and our chef can work together to select the perfect meals from our menu — lunches and dinners — for you and your party of two and more.

Enhance Your Costa Rican Vacation With Delicious Kosher Food

Do you enjoy cooking yourself? Are you interested in visiting the local farmers market filled with fresh fruit and vegetables or perhaps doing some deep sea fishing and then cooking up your catch? We are pleased to also offer kosher cookware, plates and cutlery (meat only) at a low daily rental price. (Please note: this does not include koshering the kitchen in your apartment, only the kosher utensils.) Please place your order for the kosher dinnerware and cookware at the time you make your hotel reservation.

Perhaps you’d like to combine cooking for yourself with having our chef prepare some of your meals. Also possible! We are here to help you plan your Costa Rican kosher vacation in whatever way will best suit your needs. You will be pleased to learn that many kosher products can be found in local supermarkets that are close to the hotel. Kosher beef and chicken is available from kosher shops in San Jose as well when you work with the chef to prepare your meals.

Enhance your Costa Rican vacation with delicious kosher food prepared in our kosher kitchen or by you at Los Altos Resort, the only hotel in the Manuel Antonio area offering a kosher food option. Enjoy the pool, the beach, the gym and game room, the outdoor activities at the resort and in the area and then top off your day with a flavorful kosher meal, thoughtfully prepared with the finest and freshest natural ingredients at our hotel. Our accommodating staff is ready to do all they can to make it easy and convenient for you to have a kosher vacation get-away in the luxurious Los Altos setting that is not to be missed! Contact Los Altos Reservations to discuss all the details of setting up your Costa Rican kosher dining experience.


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