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Enso Japanese Sushi

Enso Japanese Sushi Restaurant in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Enjoy the Best Sushi in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Just Next Door to Los Altos Resort

Enso Sushi offers Manuel Antonio’s most exciting Japanese cuisine, curated by up-and-coming Chef Daniel Isea. After leaving his native Venezuela to seek refuge and opportunities abroad, he took residencies at kitchens in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, and Guatemala, learning a wide variety of techniques from a whole host of innovative Latin American sushi connoisseurs.

A Truly Memorable, Not to Mention Filling, Gastronomic Experience

Enso is the culmination of Daniel’s vision, offering beautifully crafted and plated sushi rolls, traditional Japanese dishes with vibrant twists, and even an omakase tasting menu with a perfect pairing of international wines. Daniel’s deep respect for Costa Rica’s agricultural bounty also inspired a special vegan menu that features the freshest flavors of the fertile local land. What could be better than sampling the abundance of the Pacific Ocean and fruits of the volcanic soil than sushi and sunset views at Enso?

Enso Sushi Restaurant at Los Altos is open Tuesday to Sunday, 12pm to 10pm.