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Infinity Pool

One of a kind

One of a kind Infinity Pool

Los Altos Resort is proud to present our infinity pool, a luxurious amenity in a lush tropical Manuel Antonio landscape. Built with elevation, you’re amidst the tree canopy, lounging and swimming, having a blast, living through an unforgettable experience. It’s a sensation like no other, listening to the trees rustle, spotting a flurry of birds overhead, and, of course, gazing out into that crystal clear ocean view. This is Costa Rica’s moment of pura vida.

Just take a moment to look at the pictures of our infinity pool, in daylight or at sunset, it’s a magnificent aspect of the Los Altos experience, offering by far the most spectacular ocean view in Manuel Antonio. The pool’s look and feel were designed with creating the unique sensation of floating among the trees, gazing out toward the ocean, experiencing a view like no other.

At the far end of the pool take notice of the two narrow trees around which the pool is built. Isn’t there something so mesmerizing about the way in which the tree trunks gently arc toward one another, providing the perfect frame for the most perfect natural setting?

Now imagine lounging in those chairs, dining or drinking on the patio, or just relaxing in the temperature perfect fresh water of our pool. Do you feel the surge of relaxation overcome you? Amidst the tree tops, you’ll feel absolutely at ease. Our resort was designed to create the sensation of being a part of the natural environment, not separate from it.

Wake up and take a morning swim, enjoying the calm and tranquility of the moment. Don’t be surprised with how refreshed you feel. Return from the excitement of a day’s worth of adventuring and head down to the pool with your family and just simply hang out. Bring a book, magazine or tablet; set the lounge chair horizontal and lay out in the sun; cool down with a dip or swim. No matter what you choose, you’ll still experience the awesome sense of relaxation that our infinity pool makes you feel.

Back to those gorgeous pictures. Take a look again and you’ll see that a step down from the pool are two perfectly situated jacuzzis, the ideal venue for hanging out with friends or loved ones. The heat of the jacuzzi coupled with the inspirational view of the ocean, you’ve never felt better. These jacuzzis were designed to exist seamlessly with the natural surroundings, giving you the quality of full immersion.

Don’t be Surprised With How Refreshed You Feel

Check out the pool drink and snack bar. The menu reflects a menu perfect for adults and kids alike. Fresh fruit drinks or a cold beer. A fresh tuna burger or a plate of nachos, a poolside classic. Whatever you choose to drink or eat, it’ll bring a smile to your face. It’s so much fun when the food tastes great.

Manuel Antonio has never seen a pool quite like this. It’s like you’re floating among the treetops, feeling excellent and refreshed, in awe of the surrounding tropical nature. With a refreshing drink in hand you’ll spot a toucan in a nearby tree or see monkeys hanging out in the shade of the leaves. You’ll be surprised by just how quickly you feel like you’ve always been a part of this, something timeless and special.

Special also happens at sunset. You’ll rush down and to the edge of the pool, feeling beckoned by the beauty of the low sun as its radiant colors splash over the ocean. So this is what a breathtaking ocean view looks like.

Make sure you have your camera because you’ll want to take pictures. There’s nothing wrong with showing off to your friends when you’re home. You wouldn’t believe how phenomenal that sunset was, like something you’ve never seen before.

Being a Manuel Antonio family friendly resort means that the pool is a great way to relax with your children. Swim or splash around, hop out and spend some time lounging in those lounge chairs. Order from some delicious snacks from the poolside waiter who’ll be more than happy to bring your food to you as you take a seat at a table on the pool patio. Tasty food with an ocean view, we call this the best kind of family time.

The Preserve at Los Altos is your luxury resort with a natural twist. Like our other amenities, the infinity pool effortlessly combines sophisticated design with the spirit of the tropics. The crisp water of our freshwater pool acts as the the ideal medium through which to feel the pure harmony of the surrounding rainforest.