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Los Altos Resort Covid-19 Protocol

At Los Altos Resort we understand the importance of keeping our guests safe and following all the proper guidelines and recommendations made by our local Health Authority. Here in Costa Rica we take great pride in the excellent work done by our government and health authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic and we pride ourselves as a nation of the excellent work done to contain the virus. Manuel Antonio is in fact the region in Costa Rica with the lowest numbers of cases reported in the entire country.

In the continued effort and responsibility to ensure the safety of our current and future visitors we share with you our protocols that will help us reinforce the health and wellbeing of both our customers and our staff.

  • Please always remember, it is recommended to refrain from travelling if symptoms are present before your trip.
  • After booking, our reservation staff will contact future guests to collect personal information for an “Express check in”, minimizing the time spent upon arrival in the lobby. This is optional for guests who would like to save time at check in and share required information with us before arrival.
  • If the guest prefers to perform the check-in process in the privacy of their condominium we are happy to accommodate. This option can be indicated at the time of booking, any time thereafter or as an option on the “Express Check In” form.
  • On arrival (check-in) a staff member will greet guests, offer hand sanitizer, explain the check in process and guide to the nearest lavatory for hand washing.
  • Within the Los Altos Resort lobby we offer 3 separate seating areas in which a maximum of 3 groups (social bubbles) will be able to check-in at once, thus providing a safe space for each group of guests while they wait to check in, in the case several arrive at the same time.
  • Los Altos Resort will ensure thorough disinfection of the rooms for new guests prior to check-in.
  • Daily housekeeping and turndown service will be offered as usual, however guests can request any variation in this service that may be desired to provide more privacy and personal space in our suites.
  • Staff will also receive specialized training in how to maintain work areas clean and safe, following the proper recommendations and guidelines provided by our local Health Authorities.
  • Thorough disinfection of public areas will be carried out regularly during the day with certified products every 45 minutes.
  • Internal shuttle service will be provided with a turnaround time of 10 minutes between services to allow for thorough disinfection of surfaces.
  • Seating will be limited in the internal shuttle service to ensure proper social distancing within the vehicle.
  • Elevator use will be limited to 4 guests per trip to ensure sufficient personal space for all guests while in use.
  • All Los Altos Resort staff will make use of personal protection equipment, such as face masks, when in contact with guests and other members of the staff.
  • A host will greet all guests arriving at the restaurant who will ask them to sanitize their hands prior to seating them, either with alcohol or by directing them to the restaurant washrooms. Alcohol for sanitizing hands will be available throughout the restaurant at all times.
  • All restaurant menus will be available on guests personal digital devices as a way of limiting contact. We will share QR codes that link to each menu for guests convenience.
  • Following regulations from the national Health Authority seating at the restaurant bar will be temporarily unavailable, however bar service will continue to be served directly to guests at their tables and seating areas at the pool and beach.
  • Breakfast will be served each a la carte instead of buffet. Breakfast can be enjoyed in our Karolas Restaurant, or upon prior request, served in our guest condos to be enjoyed in the privacy of the suite. As well, it will reduce seating capacity within the restaurant to 50% as per health ministry regulations, thus ensuring sufficient separation between tables. .
  • Breakfast seating times will be at 7, 8 and 9 am each morning. Guests can indicate which schedule works best at any time. This also helps ensure we can maintain a proper and safe distance between tables for all guests. Reservations can be made calling the extension #4020 or the Front Desk.
  • Room service will be available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as Happy Hour every day. Guests can enjoy their meals in the full comfort of the dining room in their suites and enjoy drinks on their ocean view balconies.
  • Pool will function as usual and chairs will be spaced accordingly to follow social distancing recommendations.
  • Spa services will be provided with a turnaround time of 1 hour between services to allow for cleaning and disinfection in between each treatment. Reservations are necessary for spa services and can be made at the Front Desk at any time.
  • Spa staff will use face masks at all times while in the spa and during spa treatments and will have the option of wearing gloves during a treatment at the request of our guests.
  • Cleaning staff will regularly disinfect all surfaces and equipment throughout the day.
  • Sanitizer and towels will be available at the gym so guests are able to clean down every surface prior and after use.
  • Los Altos Resort staff has received specialized training in regards to the proper health guidelines related to the COVID pandemic. This training includes measures such as the proper use of face masks, gloves, disinfection protocols, social distancing protocols and safe workplace practices.
  • Staff has been instructed to maintain a safe working distance of 6 feet apart wherever possible.
  • Staff has been instructed to maintain a safe distance from clients wherever possible.
  • Staff has been instructed on proper safety procedures and protocols for when entering guest rooms to clean or attend other guest needs.
  • Staff has been instructed to wash their hands properly once every hour.
  • Staff will bring their uniform to work and change upon arrival to ensure uniform cleanliness.
  • Staff has been trained to advise management in case they feel unwell so as to accommodate the need for proper testing of potential infections, and to not come to work under these conditions, in this way avoiding the potential spread of infection.
  • We have placed informative signs in critical areas throughout our property highlighting proper procedures for cleanliness and avoiding spread of infection to ensure safety of our guests and staff.
  • Alcohol in liquid and gel form has been made available throughout the property for guests and staff to ensure consistent hand cleansing.
  • Back of House: in the spaces where associates work “behind the scenes,” we are increasing the frequency of cleaning and focusing on high-touch areas like associate entrances, locker rooms, laundry rooms and staff offices.
  • Personal protection equipment such as face masks and gloves will be available for purchase at the onsite convenience store.
  • Los Altos Resort will maintain a separate room within the hotel to be used in the case of a suspicion of covid-19. A local doctor and his team will be available on call, activating health authority protocols in case of a confirmed case.