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A unforgettable vacation awaits

Luxury Vacation Rentals & Beach Condos in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Los Altos Resort offers luxury vacation rentals in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica at an affordable price and with all the amenities of a five star hotel. Located in the heart of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, Los Altos Resort is an ideal vacation getaway for families and groups. With three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a full kitchen, spacious living room and an ocean view balcony, the luxury condo rentals at Los Altos represent the perfect kind of space for the whole family or group of friends. Unlike other Manuel Antonio vacation rentals, Los Altos Resort combines the power of luxurious accommodations with all the amenities of a world class hotel.

Our 24-hour concierge, on-site restaurant with breakfast buffet included, on-site pool, spa, secluded all-natural beach and gorgeous network of nature trails translate into relaxation, fun and adventure for guests of all ages.

Luxurious and Spacious Condos With Top Of The Line Amenities

Manuel Antonio is a world famous destination known for its pristine National Park and paradise beaches, and with that in mind Los Altos is honored to provide visitors with the ideal home- away-from-home setting from which to experience this unforgettable tropical location and Latin American culture. In all of our years in Costa Rica we have discovered that there’s no better feeling than stepping into your luxury vacation rental and feeling instantly welcome and at ease. As a rental property in Manuel Antonio, Los Altos doesn’t just drop off the keys and say good bye. We offer start-to-finish support with regard to every aspect of a visitor’s travel and stay. Thanks to our central location and our world-renowned staff, Los Altos remains a uniquely designed and operated vacation condo rental option for visitors to Manuel Antonio.

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Let Our Highly Qualified Staff Help You Plan Your Vacation in Costa Rica

When it comes to planning a family vacation to Costa Rica, we consider ourselves experts in the art of planning. We understand more than most the challenges that a tropical vacation can present families traveling with people of all ages. With that in mind, we designed Los Altos in a way so that it offers 100% family friendly Costa Rica vacation rentals with regard to all aspects of our resort. Our staff, famous for their welcoming attitude and vast knowledge of the local area, is available 24/7, from the moment you book until the moment you leave. We understand that during a trip things can come up and alter a vacation itinerary, which is why we pride ourselves on the rapid response we can provide to all of our guests. It is our phenomenal staff that elevates our vacation rentals from not just something that you reserve, but to something you experience. Whether guests need to book travel, schedule excursions, plan meals or anything else in between, our staff is here to help, always.

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Experience The Gorgeous Nature of Manuel Antonio

Unlike other Costa Rica vacation rentals, the family friendly condos at Los Altos are part of a much bigger story that relates to the beauty of Manuel Antonio as well as that of Costa Rica as a whole. Los Altos does not just provide a space and call it a day. Our underlying hope and mission is to provide guests with the extraordinary opportunity to experience the gorgeous nature of Manuel Antonio as well as the wonderful community of the Manuel Antonio and Quepos area. Whereas the typical resort tends to keep its guests enclosed entirely on resort grounds, Los Altos Resort encourages not only exploration of our tropical preserve, but of Manuel Antonio, Quepos and the nearby area as a whole. The amazing thing about Costa Rica, and Manuel Antonio especially, is just how accessible everything is, from the fun excursions to the community itself.

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Enjoy Our Onsite Nature Preserve

Another essential aspect of Los Altos Resort is our commitment to Manuel Antonio’s natural environment. We developed our beach vacation rental property, on-site restaurant, infinity pool and spa with an eye toward preserving as much of our natural property as possible. We feel that our ultimate gift to our guests, other than our luxury condos and high end amenities of course, is access to our nature preserve. Los Altos worked with professional trail makers to develop a network of trails that immerse trail goers into the wonderful, magical and inspired world of the tropics — monkeys, sloths, toucans, butterflies, enormous trees with fantastical roots, luminous flowers of all colors and more call Los Altos home.

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Our Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Are Great For Families and Friends

Los Altos Resort offers families and groups of friends the exciting opportunity to not only discover together, but relax together. Our spacious, light-filled, luxurious rental condos offer everyone the opportunity to just kick off their shoes and feel right at home. Balconies in the front and the back, absolutely comfortable beds and living room sofa, multiple bathrooms, and a full kitchen all give the instant feeling of comfort and ease. For a restful morning or afternoon, guests can head down to the infinity pool, grab a tropical fruit drink and lounge to their hearts’ content. For a deeper form of relaxation our on-site spa, Orquidea, offers a full range of massage treatments, facials, manicures and pedicures. Scheduling an appointment is as easy as asking our front desk.

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