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9 Manuel Antonio Restaurants You Should Visit When Vacationing in Quepos

Are you headed to Manuel Antonio for your next vacation? If you’re not, you should be.

vacationing in manuel antonio

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, is filled with fun and adventure you’ll never forget.

Have you ever wanted to zip line through a jungle? How about going white water rafting? Manuel Antonio is a perfect place for doing both.

At some point though, you’ll have to take a break from your sports fishing, hiking, and walking along the white sand beaches. Why? To check out the local food!

There are so many fantastic restaurants you’ll definitely want to try while vacationing in Quepos.

Keep reading to learn about nine of our favorite Manuel Antonio restaurants!

1. Karola’s Restaurant & Pool Bar

You’ll love a visit to Karola’s Restaurant! Fantastic service and even better food awaits. And, you won’t even had to pay and arm and a leg for it.

Costa Rican coffee, wine, and fruit drinks are ready to quench your thirst after a long day of sight seeing. If you’re looking for a full meal, come for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Whenever you come, you’ll love the unbeatable ocean view while you eat.

2. El Gran Escape

If you want to try a favorite of the locals, head to El Gran Escape. You won’t believe the amazing taste, thanks to fresh produce, fish, and meat, purchased the same day as your visit!

Are you visiting over a holiday? Stop in for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations. Did we mention they’re world famous?

Choose from mixto, calamari, tacos, chicken wings, burgers, paella, and more. They have kid’s meals too!

3. Brooklyn Bakery

If you’re looking for something a bit different, try the Brooklyn Bakery. From muffins and bagels to bread and cakes, they have it all.

While you may not expect to find a bakery while vacationing in Costa Rica, the food is just as good as you’ll find elsewhere. Everything on the menu is made using traditional backing methods, giving them an authentic feel.

Don’t forget to come back, since new menu items are made available every day!

Don’t worry if you’re thinking that bread doesn’t sound like a meal. Get a three cheese panini, breakfast combo, or salmon and cream cheese. There’s plenty of options to choose from!

4. Cafe Agua Azul

Cafe Agua Azul in Manuel Antonio provides incredible views of the ocean. It also has a great variety of foods for you to try!

Do you love calamari? How about burgers? You can have both, if you want, at Agua Azul.

If you want to try something local, try some Costa Rica snapper.

5. Barba Roja

If sushi is your thing, you’d better head over to Barba Roja in Manuel Antonio. Serving locals and visitors since 1975, Barba Roja won’t disappoint!

Sushi isn’t all that’s served there, so if you want something else, that’s okay! How about some delectable ribs, instead?

Like the other restaurants on the list so far, this one offers stunning natural views. Relax at the end of the day and just enjoy the scenery. This restaurant may take a toll on your budget, though, so come prepared.

6. Emilio’s Cafe

Have you heard of Emilio’s Cafe in Manual Antonio? If not, it’s time you had. Serving Mediterranean and Central American foods, it’s sure to interest visitors.

Reviewers on TripAdvisor report loving the chicken vegetable curry, filet mignon, cake, among other items.

While you may pay more to eat at this restaurant, the service and food make up for it.

7. Rafael’s Terrazas

If you’re interested in whale watching without the cruise, stop in at Rafael’s Terrazas! We aren’t even kidding. Though this restaurant offers some refined meal options, it’s also kid and dog-friendly!

If you’re into seafood, try their Mahi-Mahi in lemon, or tuna in ginger-wasabi.

If you’d rather have something less fancy, go for a sandwich, salad, or pasta.

8. Marlin

While many Manual Antonio restaurants offer stunning views of the ocean, but what about eating by the beach instead of above it?

If you like that idea, check out Marlin. This open-air restaurant offers traditional Costa Rican food, as well as American cuisine.

Burritos, fish tacos, casados, and fried snapper are all on the menu.

Close to the national park and the beach, Marlin’s location couldn’t be more perfect. Make sure you stop in for a drink or meal!

9. Ronny’s Place

And last, but definitely not least, you need to check out Ronny’s Place.

If you loved the unique setting of El Avion, try this one on for size.

Ronny’s Place is nestled in a 90-acre farm. It won’t be hard to find since it’s the only building on the lot.

It also happens to sit atop the highest mountain peak on the farm. In other words, there’s an awesome view of a private beach with two bays.

Whether you’re there for an event or just a meal, you’ll love Ronny’s Place. Among their menu are ceviche, bruschetta, seafood soup, and more.

Vacationing in Manuel Antonio

Whether you’re there for the national park, the food, or something else, you’ll love vacationing in Manuel Antonio. The variety of foods is enough to bring some visitors there, but there’s so much more for you to see.

Go for a white water rafting ride to get that adrenaline going. Or take a peaceful stroll down a gorgeous beach. Do both if you want, since Manuel Antonio will let you.

Whatever you choose to do while vacationing in Manuel Antonio, make sure you try a little bit of everything, including the food.

Are you ready to head out to Manuel Antonio? Check out our list of things you should pack!