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5 Family Friendly Tours in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

tours in manuel antonioCosta Rica is one of the best destinations for newlyweds, young people, and families alike. The country is full of incredible adventures and a unique culture that is suitable for all ages and interests.

The trick is to find the best Costa Rican adventure for you and your family!

Not everyone dreams of going zip lining through the forest or surfing the coast. Others may not be as interested in learning the history of the country or the true meaning of “Pura Vida.”

Still, this beautiful nation is big enough for everyone to come and discover something for them.

To make the most of your family-friendly vacation, don’t miss out on some of the best tours in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica for all ages. Check out the top five below.

1. Manuel Antonio National Park Tour

To discover the true beauty of Costa Rica, you have to venture from its gorgeous shores to its expansive, diverse jungles. At Manuel Antonio National Park, you get a little bit of both.

This park has been considered by some among the top national preserves of the entire world. As proud as we are to get such recognition, we’ll let you be the judge while you explore the lush forest and encounter all kinds of plant and animal species.

The tour is a special memory to make for curious, nature-loving adults or wide-eyed, adventurous children. If this sounds like you or yours, put Manuel Antonio National Park at the top of your list of tours in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

2. Rainmaker Conservation Tour

As great as the Manuel Antonio National Park Tour is, you only get to explore the greenery on foot at sea level. The Rainmaker Conservation Tour, though, allows you to explore while elevated on a series of connected suspension bridges.

This tour takes you through the real heart of the rainforest, which is a privately-owned piece of land that spans an impressive 3,000 acres! Don’t worry, you won’t be taking on the entire rainforest.

But, you will have plenty of time to explore and take in these amazing sights. Meanwhile, a team of safety experts and guides are with you and your little ones every step of the way.

All you have to do is enjoy yourself.

There’s even a swim in a waterfall pool included in this tour! You’ll walk through the greenery, get a provided lunch, and have the chance to dive into the magical, crystal-clear waters of Costa Rica.

3. Butterfly Gardens Tour

Not sure if your little one can handle a whole morning on one of these tours in Manuel Antonio? Shake off the jet lag with a more relaxed, shorter outing like a tour through the Butterfly Gardens.

Butterflies are a common animal to see all around the country. But, only at the Butterfly Gardens can you see a beautiful mix of many butterfly species co-existing.

The tour is short and simple, lasting about an hour. It takes you through the gardens at a slow, steady pace, bringing you up-close with some of Costa Rica’s most magical treasures.

4. Islas Damas Mangrove Boat and Kayak Tour

When you think of Costa Rica, two things come to mind. One is the rainforest and greenery that are accessible in the tours in Manuel Antonio above. The other is the breathtaking Costa Rican shoreline.

There’s nothing quite like the sea that touches the edge of this Central American country. On the Islas Damas Mangrove Tour, you’ll discover the beauty as a bilingual guide takes you through the mangroves by boat. This is your time to relax and look around for (harmless) wild animals that are around every corner.

Then, take the adventure into your own hands by getting into a kayak and seeing what there is to find! The total time of the tour is roughly two and a half hours, so make sure you’ve told your little one it’s going to be a bit of a long day.

While it may not be suitable to take babies on this adventure, toddlers and young children alike will cherish one of the best tours in Manuel Antonio, the Islas Damas Mangrove Tour.

5. Ocean Kayak Tour

If you want to skip the mangroves and head straight to the kayaks, take your exploration out to open sea. That’s what the Ocean Kayak Tour is all about.

This is a four-hour tour that is full of magic in every second…

First, you begin at the Manuel Antonio National Park to meet the rest of your group and grab gear. The guides will ensure safety is the number one priority, and that your children are as comfortable as can be.

Next, discover the ocean while you stay close to shore and kayak along the edge of the beautiful beaches. Your guide will choose a place to stop for snacks and rest, then take you back to the point at which you took off from.

In total, this tour is quite the effort since you’ll be kayaking for a couple of hours. But, you won’t even notice this as the ocean gently rocks with your kayak and the sights pull you in.

Plus, your children can go in a kayak with you as you discover the shore together.

Don’t Miss Out on Unforgettable Tours in Manuel Antonio

Already packing your swimsuits or hiking shoes for the adventures that await you in Costa Rica? Wonderful, that’s what a vacation here is meant for.

As nice as it can be to sit on the shore and soak up the sun, there is much more to do and discover, if only you find the right tours in Manuel Antonio to do so. There are plenty of family-friendly options to bring your kids along.

But, don’t forget about the awesome thrills you can experience while driving jet skis or ATVs, learning to surf, or going white water rafting! There really is something for everyone here; it’s just up to you to seek out the special moments you’re dreaming about.

We’re here to help you plan a Costa Rican getaway that your family will never forget!

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