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Orquídea Spa & Wellness

Pamper yourself in paradise

Your Spa in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Orquieda, the day spa at Los Altos Resort, represents the best in spa experiences in Manuel Antonio. Costa Rica is famous for its emphasis on the spa experience, and Orquidea lives up to the country’s profound reputation for highly skilled treatments that offer the most fulfilling sense of renewal.

Located beneath our infinity pool, Orquieda is Manuel Antonio’s premier spa. Perfectly situated so as to offer the most magnificent and expansive view of our tropical preserve and the Pacific Ocean, Orquieda, like its floral namesake, blooms with colorful joy and positivity.

Our spa’s extraordinary design is unlike anything in Manuel Antonio. Los Altos has created a spa that presents a seamless integration between the indoor and outdoor experiences. We understand that the most successful spas are ones in which close attention is paid to setting, and setting is exactly what we have.

The Orquieda’s design promotes the exquisite feeling of being among the trees and atop the ocean. As you receive your treatment, you are surrounded by the robust colors and sounds of nature, whose beauty makes you feel energized, but also refreshed. Our skilled massage therapists and estheticians channel this natural beauty, leaving you feeling transformed.

The spa at our luxurious Manuel Antonio Costa Rica resort, is one of our hotel’s premier amenities. Beyond its design, the treatments available at Orquidea are incredible. We have some of Costa Rica’s most experienced massage therapists and estheticians offering their years worth of experience in the craft of regeneration. Their passion, knowledge and commitment ensure that you are well taken care of.

Seamless Integration Between the Indoor and Outdoor Experiences

When you’re in Costa Rica, and especially so in Manuel Antonio, with its tranquil coastal-mountainous vibe, you have the opportunity to finally take it easy. Certainly no need to rush when everything is just so peaceful. With that in mind. Orquieda is perfect to visit any time of day, whether to get your morning started off or to feel refreshed after returning home from one of Manuel Antonio’s famous outdoor excursions.

Orquieda offers Manuel Antonio’s most compelling menu of therapies, facials, and treatments, as well manicures and pedicures. In each of our menu offerings, we use only organic, all natural ingredients so as to ensure an all natural experience. Our deepest hope is to help you achieve happiness and well being.

We’re so excited with how each aspect of our spa reflects the awesome energy of Manuel Antonio’s natural surroundings. The openness and immediacy of nature elevates the power our spa immensely. At our resort you’re not just shuffled into some ordinary room in some ordinary building, but transported into the Orquidea, a space of transformative proportions.

At Los Altos there’s no pressure. With us, you have the freedom to be you on your own terms. Our spa is just as perfect for the individual seeking quiet relaxation as it is for the couple looking to spend blissful time with a loved one. Couples treatments are available and are, of course, a perfect expression of love and harmony.

When you’re looking out through the open window of one of our spas treatment rooms, you’re instantly put at ease. The sparkling blue spread of the Pacific Ocean, the wholesome green of the foliage, the resplendent color of the sun in the sky, all of it converges to form your calm.

If you are a spa lover and want to experience a relaxing vacation in an exotic tropical location, check out our “Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Spa Vacation Package“.

When you visit Costa Rica make sure you visit Manuel Antonio, and when you visit Manuel Antonio make sure you visit Orquieda, offering the best spa experience in town.