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Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Private Dinners

Los Altos Resort is proud to offer our guests the opportunity to schedule private, chef-hosted dinners that can take place either in Karolas or within in a guest’s suite. Guests can schedule a private dinner any day of the week, for any meal, and for all occasions. Whether you’re celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, or just want to change it up with a fun, more intimate dining experience, the private dining option at Los Altos is an excellent addition to the vacation experience.

Experience Traditional Costa Rican Cuisine

An unforgettable aspect of visiting Manuel Antonio is the chance guests have to experience traditional Costa Rican cuisine, which is hearty, flavorful and steeped in a rich Latin American culinary history. Costa Rican dishes, desserts, fruit drinks and coffee all speak to a culture that prides itself on natural ingredients and thoughtful culinary preparation. Through a private dinner guests will have the chance to speak with our chefs to ask any and all questions related to the beauty of Costa Rican cuisine. Learn a new cooking technique or discover a new recipe, these are just a couple of the joyful aspects of scheduling a private dinner.

The fun of being in a small coastal town like Manuel Antonio is that we have access to some of the country’s best produce and seafood. Costa Rica is famous for its cultivation of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, each with their own unique look, feel and taste.

Contact us here to learn more about booking a private dinner. We look forward to serving you!