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Cooking Classes

Discover Costa Rican Flavors

Cooking Classes in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

An unforgettable aspect of visiting Costa Rica, and especially so Manuel Antonio, is the opportunity to experience the traditional cuisine of Costa Rica. Costa Rican cuisine is hearty, flavorful and steeped in a rich culinary history that values artisanal recipes. The dishes, sides, desserts, fruit drinks and coffee all speak to a culture that prides itself on thoughtful preparations and fresh ingredients.

Thanks to Manuel Antonio’s location right on the Pacific Ocean, fresh fish is a common part of the local diet. The Preserve at Los Altos, through its gourmet restaurant Karola’s, serves fresh fish as an exciting and healthy component of the menu. Fresh fish and seafood, along with traditional meals like gallo pinto, make dining at Los Altos a truly memorable, not to mention filling, experience.

A Truly Memorable, Not to Mention Filling, Experience

But the fun of staying at Los Altos Resort in Manuel Antonio is not only dining at Karola’s, but also partaking in the preparation of meals. Guests at the Preserve can choose from two dining related amenities: schedule the chef of Karola’s to prepare a meal for you in the kitchen of your suite or schedule the chef to teach you how to prepare a meal of your choosing. With either option you’ll discover a knowledge, passion and love for the food of Costa Rica.

As an added component to this exciting form of dining at Los Altos, you can also arrange an opportunity to be given tour of the local food market in Quepos by a member of the Karolas cooking staff. This is a thrilling way to experience the food culture of Costa Rica firsthand. With local knowledge to act as your guide, you’ll see the fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood that visitors and locals alike use to make their daily meals.

Los Altos firmly believes that education and experience are essential when it comes to discovering and learning more about a new culture. The private dining and cooking classes offered at our Manuel Antonio beach resort provide guests with a thrilling opportunity to get hands-on and creative with food. Participants will not only learn the names of different local fruits and vegetables, but also how to prepare them into delicious meals and drinks.

An in-room meal prepared by our chef or a cooking class taught by a member of our cooking staff are as ideal for you and your loved one’s romantic night in or a family’s afternoon together. At the end of the day, these food focused activities are as much fun as they are timeless.