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7 Reasons to Choose a Luxury Hotel in Manuel Antonio

hotel in Manuel AntonioOver 60% of people plan to take a trip this year.

But when it comes to choosing a destination, many travelers go with Costa Rica. In fact, it’s the most recommended travel destination in the world.

Finding the perfect hotel, on the other hand, is often a bit more challenging.

Want to get the most of your vacation in Costa Rica? Let’s look at a few reasons why booking a stay at a luxury hotel in Manuel Antonio allows you to experience the best this Central American gem has to offer!

1. They Have Breathtaking Views

Costa Rica is home to lush jungles with exotic wildlife and glistening beaches. But you won’t get a good view of either at your average hotel.

A luxury hotel in Manuel Antonio, however, has accommodations that give you a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature without having to leave your room. For example, get the best of both worlds with an ocean and jungle view suite. You could also watch the gorgeous sunset over the ocean from the comfort of your penthouse.

On top of this, you’ll find many scenic activities nearby. Explore the tropical landscape on horseback, or go zip-lining through the rainforest. Top things off by going whale watching on a boat tour.

2. The Food is Unbeatable

Great food can take a hotel experience to the next level. Thankfully, luxury hotels serve plenty of it.

But you can forget about the typical, underwhelming continental breakfast most hotels offer. Instead, imagine waking up to a mouthwatering breakfast buffet with endless options.

From creamy pancakes that melt in your mouth to freshly picked fruit, the selection you find at a luxury hotel in Manuel Antonio is sure to please.

Plus, a five-star hotel in Costa Rica also offers a large variety of dishes on their lunch and dinner menus. Stop by their onsite restaurant to enjoy savory meals prepared by gourmet chefs who use fresh local ingredients. Feel free to drop in for happy hour too.

3. You Get the Spa Treatment

Going on vacation to Costa Rica involves fun, excitement, and adventure. After all, there are countless activities you can fill your day with. But you need some time to kick back and relax as well.

If you’re feeling tense, a luxury hotel in Manuel Antonio has just what you need to invigorate your mind and body: spa treatments. Unwind with a soothing massage session from a highly qualified and experienced professional. Enjoy the spectacular ocean view in the background, which adds to the ambiance.

Afterward, cool off by taking a refreshing dip in the pool. You can end the day by soaking in the hot tub.

4. The Customer Service is Exceptional

When you stay at a luxury hotel, you won’t get the bare minimum level of customer service that you do at other hotels. Instead, you’ll feel like royalty during your stay. The staff will go out of their way to accommodate you, and you can expect nothing less than polite behavior.

As soon as you step through the gate, everyone from the guards to the restaurant staff will greet you with a warm, welcoming smile. The cleaners will make sure that you don’t have to worry about doing any chores.

You’ll also benefit from around-the-clock concierge services. If you want to set up activities for the day, you can let them take care of the booking for you.

5. You Can Lounge on a Private Beach

Sometimes you just want to escape from the rest of the world. There’s no better way to do so than by visiting a secluded beach. The good news is that many luxury hotels have their own private beach on the hotel grounds.

In most cases, traveling from the hotel to the beach is easy. Luxury hotels often provide a shuttle service so you can get around smoothly, and all you have to do is request it. That said, you can also follow the trail if you’re in the mood for a short walk.

You’re bound to get hungry and thirsty at some point. When this happens, the hotel staff will usually provide you with food and drinks right near the beach.

6. It’s Easy to Get a Workout In

You may want to stay active while on vacation. However, budget hotels typically don’t have a gym. Even if they do, they rarely have the right workout equipment.

In comparison, many luxury hotels have a full-blown fitness center available to guests. There you’ll find everything from stationary bikes to treadmills to barbells. So whether you want to do light cardio or intense strength training, a luxury hotel has you covered.

If you prefer exercising outdoors, the private beach provides the perfect setting for a morning jog. There are often a few hiking trails near the hotel as well, so you should have several options to pick from. Also, the outdoor pool is a great place to do a low-impact cardio workout or go for a quick swim.

7. They Have Superior Room Amenities

We’ve come to expect standard room amenities such as WiFi, towels, and hairdryers. But as soon as you walk into your luxury hotel room, you’ll quickly notice that you’re getting much more than just that.

For starters, many luxury hotel rooms have a mini bar. You may also find a room safe, which allows you to keep your personal items secure.

Even standard amenities such as TVs get an upgrade when you stay in a luxury suite. Instead of staring at a small TV, you’ll enjoy your entertainment on a giant screen.

Staying at a Luxury Hotel in Manuel Antonio

The seven reasons listed above give you a good idea of what it’s like to get pampered at a luxury hotel. Compared to average hotels, luxury hotels offer superior comfort, service, and privacy.

During your stay at a luxury hotel in Manuel Antonio, make sure to take advantage of all the amenities, such as a fitness center or spa. Also, consider allowing expert concierge services to help plan your fun-filled daily activities.

Ready to book your next unforgettable trip to Costa Rica? Get started by checking out our Manuel Antonio vacation packages!