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10 Tips for Planning an Awesome Costa Rica Family Vacation

If you’re organizing a trip to Costa Rica, you’re probably preparing for the time of your life. So much so in fact, that you don’t even know where to begin your search for activities and things to do.

Of course, you should make a checklist of things that sound appealing. But depending on how long you plan to stay may also determine your itinerary. And, you should think about what you plan to do when you get there so you can pack accordingly.

Let’s face it, if you’re not prepared for a Costa Rica family vacation, you’re still going to have a blast. It’s just that the more you know about what to expect when you get there, the more adventures await you.

Costa Rica Family Vacation

Get your checklist ready because we’re covering the top ten tips for planning your Costa Rica family vacation. Try and see if you can accomplish each one when you get here.

Bird Watching

A Costa Rica family vacation is the perfect time to take in nature together and seek out some of the most exotic birds in the world.

There are nearly 840 species of birds found in Costa Rica ranging from Macaws to Toucans and they are all each as beautiful as the last. You can probably see them flying outside your hotel window on most occasions. But wouldn’t it be nice to get up close and personal?


Kayaking is another fun way to bring the family together for an outdoor adventure.

You can find sea kayaking tours that will take you the Manuel Antonio National Park Pacific Coastline. Immerse yourself in the bright blue waters and keep your eyes peeled for sea turtles and pelicans.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and a change of clothes in case you get wet.

Catamaran Tours

Take a half day trip away from the land and get your sea legs ready. You’re going on a catamaran tour.

These sailboats will take you past isolated islands and rocky coastlines to calm bays with towering cliffs where you can snorkel and lounge on secluded beaches.

You can plan for morning or afternoon tours. Most tours include snacks and drinks. You can ask tour operators about bringing your own food or other items.

Nighttime Rainforest Tours

Pack your camera and some hiking shoes for this adventure that you don’t want to miss. A Costa Rica family vacation wouldn’t be the same without a Nighttime Rainforest Tour. Experience the night like you never have before, and maybe never will again.

Your tour guide will take you through the rainforest for three hours to learn about the nightlife. You’ll find snakes and lizards, lots of frogs, bats, owls, and more. Don’t be scared yet, you’ll also get to walk along one of the suspension bridges, in the dark.

Boat Tours

What better way to spend your Costa Rica family vacation than out on the open sea? Or splashing along one of the sandy beaches?

Spend a full day on a private yacht lounging or swimming in paradise. You can see dolphins and whales while you listen to them underwater with a hydrophone. Stop at the beach and have lunch served before you go paddleboarding or kayaking.

If you choose a boat tour for your Costa Rica family vacation, you won’t be disappointed.


You’ll find teams of wildlife along your hike in Costa Rica’s diverse landscape.

You can find mild to moderate tours that guide you through the mountain ranges that form some of the most beautiful and lush scenery in the world. It will be an educational experience for your whole family.

Look for birds, anteaters, and monkeys on your hike. They’ll see you!


Manuel Antonio is one of the best places in Costa Rica to go snorkeling for its calm waters and many reefs.

You can find gigantic schools of fish and so many varieties of the tropical kind. Besides that, the reef thrives on different kinds of fish so spend your time there and find them all.

Most tours last about three hours and they’ll provide fruit and water midway through your adventure. You’ll probably make two separate stops snorkeling for about an hour at each location.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Look for monkeys and sloths on your hike through the Manuel Antonio National Park. It’s one of Costa Rica’s most stunning and biologically diverse national parks where you’ll find several trails through the rainforest that lead to white sandy beaches.

There are tropical butterflies, orchids, iguanas, and snakes among the other wildlife you’ll see on your tour.

Tours are educational and last about three hours. It’s something for the whole family to enjoy.

Horseback Riding

Have an enchanting experience together as a family and book a horseback riding tour in Manuel Antonio.

Some tours available will ride you through the jungle in a 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top for an hour and a half before you even arrive at your horses. You can stop and change into swimsuits for the destination ahead. Waterfalls.


Don’t forget to throw sometime in to simply relax and be on vacation. There will be plenty of time for adventure at every other turn.

Go to the beach with a book and simply enjoy the Pacific coast air, the bright blue waters at your feet.

Booking Your Costa Rica Family Vacation

Whatever you decide to do on your Costa Rica family vacation, don’t forget to book a stay at one of the finest resorts in Manuel Antonio.

You can find rooms that have a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean or suites that give you a first-hand view of the rainforest outside your window. Or maybe you’d like a treetop ocean and jungle view to be sure you can get a glimpse of it all in one sitting.

When you’re ready to book a suite, or if you have questions, feel free to contact us. We hope your stay will be luxurious and spectacular.